Yves Tanguy

Surrealist painter
1900 - 1955
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Born on January 5, 1900, of Breton parents, Yves TANGUY began painting around 1920. His first canvases and drawings date from that year. Of primary importance to his artistic formation was his early encounter with a painting by Giorgo De CHIRICO in 1923, the date at which he decided to become an artist. He fully adhered to the surrealist movement after a decisive meeting with André BRETON . He remained dedicated to the movement's inspiration until his death on January 15, 1955.

In the following pages, we will introduce you to an exceptional painter. As one of the rare painters to remain exclusively surrealist, he has been called "the purest dreamer" (Larousse Dictionary). This despite the fact that, in a letter to Marcel Jean dated 1951 (a few years before Tanguy's death), he recognized the end of surrealism and therefore excluded himself from it.

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